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The Death of Socrates Questions Essay

1. Plato and his friends consider the death of Socrates a great personal calamity because they were not heartbroken for Socrates, but for their own calamity in losing such a great friend. Plato and his friends considered Socrates like a figure of their father and losing him impacted them very much. 2. Socrates chose not to delay drinking the poison because he felt that he would gain nothing as he delayed them. He felt that he should die in a frame of mind and that it would be ridiculous to cling to life and hug it when it has no more to offer. 3 the death of socrates is similar to a Greek tragedy because in Greek tragedy, the good guy ends up being dead just like Socrates. In both tragedies, it did not end in their favor. Socrates was the protagonist and spoke out the government which is considered the antagonist and he ended up dying before he could overcome them therefore a great tragedy indeed.

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