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The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the elasticity of bubble gum affects the diameter of a bubble blown with the gum.

If the elasticity of the bubble gum is higher, then the diameter of the bubble blown will be significantly larger because the bubble will be able to stretch farther, therefore giving it a larger diameter. The independent variable is the elasticity of the gum. The dependent variable is the diameter of the bubble blown. The constants are the stopwatch used, environment tested in, and temperature outside. There was no control group.


· 3 tape measurers
· 1 piece of Bubble Yum Original gum

· 1 piece of Wrigley’s Extra bubble gum

· 1 piece of Orbit Spearmint gum

· 1 piece of Mentos Tropical Mix gum

· 1 piece of Trident Tropical Twist gum

· 8 strands of Big League Chew gum
· 4-6 test subjects to chew gum

· 6 data sheets

· 1 pen


Part 1:

1. Gather materials.
2. Take one piece of Orbit Spearmint gum.
3. Chew the gum for approximately three minutes (the exact time does not matter). 4. Take the chewed gum and begin to blow a bubble.
5. Use the tape measurer to measure the diameter of the bubble when the bubble is at its largest. 6. Record the diameter of the bubble blown onto data sheet. 7. Repeat steps 4-6 two more times.

8. Proceed to Part 2.
9.Repeat steps 2-8 for all the types of gum.
Part 2:
1. Remove gum from mouth.
2. Place the wrapper on the ends of the gum and slowly pull it apart. 3. Measure the length of the gum while continuing to pull it apart until the gum breaks or sags to the ground. 4. Record the length the bubble gum stretched before breaking. 5. Analyze and draw conclusions.


The data collected from this experiment shows that overall Big League Chew produced the largest bubble, and Bubble Yum had the largest elasticity. Orbit Spearmint and Trident Tropical Twist produced the two smallest average bubble diameters; also, both had the smallest elasticity. The remaining brands fell into the middle of the categories; Wrigley’s Extra had a bubble diameter average of 8 millimeters and an average elasticity of 3500 millimeters, and Mentos Tropical Mix had a bubble average of 5.7 millimeters and an average elasticity of 1200 millimeters. Bubble Yum Original had an average diameter of 72 millimeters and an average elasticity of 4000 millimeters, and Big League Chew had an average bubble diameter of 100 millimeters and an average elasticity of 1500 millimeters. Lastly, Orbit Spearmint had an average bubble diameter of 24 millimeters and an average elasticity of 800 mm, and Trident Tropical Mix had an average bubble diameter of 20 millimeters with an average elasticity of 1050 millimeters. The largest bubbles with the greatest elasticity had significantly larger servings of gum than all of the other brands. The small bubble sizes and poor elasticity could be because of the small size.


The purpose of this experiment was to determine if the elasticity of bubble gum affects the size of its bubble. The hypothesis for the experiment was if the gum has a high elasticity, then it will blow a larger bubble because it would be able to stretch out more. The hypothesis was supported because the results of the experiment showed that the bubble gum with higher elasticity generally had higher bubble sizes. The bubble gum types that stretched the most and also had the largest diameters were Bubble Yum Original and Big League Chew. The bubble gums with the least elasticity and the smallest diameters were Orbit Spearmint and Trident Tropical Twist. The scientific explanation for the results is that the higher amounts of elasticity in the gum allowed it to expand and stretch more, giving it a larger diameter. Attempts to limit errors in this experiment included using three trials, testing with the same person per type of gum, using the same measuring devices, and the testing environment. Some possible sources of error were the fact that there were different people chewing the gum, the measuring was not always always accurate, there was a time constraint forcing the experiment to be rushed, and the gum bubble sizes were dependent on the person chewing it. From this experiment, it is suggested that the elasticity of bubble gum does affect the bubble size. In future experiments, more types of gum could be used to get a better sense of the results. In the real world, this information can be applied so that people don’t chew gum with high elasticity in schools. If someone is chewing gum of high elasticity, it would make bigger bubbles, make a louder sound, disrupt the classroom, and
be a big problem academically for the students.

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