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“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” by Mark Haddon Essay

The author of this story uses foreshadowing several times in this fascinating book. An example is when Christopher discovers numerous of letters from his mother addressed to only him. These letters, along with a book that he was writing in, were hidden inside of his father’s bedroom closet. Christopher grew curious so, he took it to his room and commenced to read the letter. It revealed that his mother was living in an apartment in London with a man named, Roger. Additionally, she described her new job as a secretary in a factory that makes objects out of steel. Then, towards the end of the note, it said that she was extremely sorry and hoped that he would eventually forgive her. Christopher had no idea what she was talking about because his mother had never worked as a secretary nor had she ever lived in London; his mother had always lived with Christopher along with his father.

Then, he noticed that the letter was posted on October 16, 1997, which was 18 months after his mother had died. However, he decided that he should not jump to conclusions and would wait until tomorrow when his father was out of the house so he could read the rest of the letters. Instantly, I knew that his mother did not die and that his father made up that whole story about his mother dying of a heart attack. I also predicted that he would go out in search of his mother in London and evidently, my prediction was correct.

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