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The Criteria of My Dream Husband Essay

Every body has each best time. By getting married, people feel the best time in their life just like old says that marriage is kind of heaven life in the world. Marriage then becomes important thing because we will through it whole of our life. Therefore, choosing a good life partner is extremly essential. Everybody has his/her criteria of life partner, so do I. In choosing a husband, I have some criteria. A Moslem is the fundamental and important criteria in choosing a husband.

Having a moslem husband like kiyai H. Ahmad Dahlan can bring happiness here after. He should do his obligation to pray routinely and never miss single time of praying. Then my husband in future should remind me to pray on time. I interest if he will wear religious dress at home. Another criteria in choosing ahusband is good character like Habibie who has good attitude. He should be a wise and patient man. I hope that his words are really soft like silk.

Then it is better if he would like to think twice before doing something. So, he can be responsible of something. I want that he will never violence to solve family problem. For the last wisdom of a husband is very needed in forming good family. Having good education like Ki Hajar Dewantara is my next criteria for my dream husband. By having a husband who has good education, he will be able to lead me through this life. Beside that, he will be a good father to teach the children.

Then he is able to share his wide knowledge to both myself and the children. If my dream husband has high education like a professor Karwono, he can motivate the children to have high education too. It is true that having some criteria in choosing a life partner is necessary. Marriage is for our life here after, sowe should be careful in choosing life partner. education,religious and character are the aspect that I consider in choosing my life partner.

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