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The cookie program Essay

1. Can you identify examples of decision about each part of the mix that are being made in the cookie program?

Yes, the decisions made on the cookie program is the Four Ps. Product what is being sold is the top selling girl scout cookies (thin mint, do-si-dos, trefoils, samosa, lemon chalet cream, and tagalongs Place the girl scout have to go to places that are very populated such as shopping center where there is a lot of people and money is being spend. Promotions are commercial the Girl Scout organization make. The girls make sings for their table and have sing to attract people attentions. Pricing now the girl scouts are charging $4.00 rather than $3.50 this makes it better because is solid dollar amount and no change. This makes it easier for the girls to keep track of their money and is no change involve.

2. How well do you think the Girl Scout cookies succeed in relationship marketing? I feel like they are very successful in relationship marketing. They are very good at customer loyalty because there area lot of people that like their cookies a lot of their customer always wait for the girls scout to start selling cookies. Another factor of relationship marketing is interaction, they are taught to be very polite and say thank you to people even if they don’t buy cookies. They are very good at interacting with since they are always asked what the money of the cookies is being used for. Long-term engagement is s strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages consumers to continue to buy more Girl Scout cookies.

3. Do you think the experience of cookie selling, and more generally the lesson you might learn from this course about marketing and sales, can still be beneficial, especially to someone who might find the activities so hard? Yes I feel like the experience of cookie selling and learning about marketing and money management is very beneficial to a girl scout. They get a life lesson and have an early perspective on how to manage money. It also teaches the girls scout how to do marketing which could help them in the future with marketing a school car wash or a sport event. They also get to see the actual side of sale because they get to talk to a professional sales trainer Jeff Goldberg that helps them in the future.

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