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The Coca-cola Company and Job Satisfaction Essay

1. What seems to be Muhtar Kent’s attitude toward Coca Cola’s local communities, its brands and its people? Muhtar Kent’s attitude towards Coca Cola’s local communities, its brands, and its people is ambitious, constructive and progressive. He takes pride in the company and the brand Coca-Cola. His attitude and desire for growth of the company reflects in the performance of his employees in a Pygmalion effect. Kent demonstrates a manager who creates win-win situations. He is building a company that treats employees as skillful and extraordinary individuals to receive their best performance. This results in employees being “increasingly enthusiastic about their work and inspired to turn plan into action” (Lussier, 98) ultimately insuring the growth of the company.

2. Using Theory X, Theory Y, describe Mr. Kent’s Management Attitude? Mr. Kent has adopted theory Y attitude towards his workforce. According to Lussier theory Y attitude is employees like to be at work and do not need close supervision to get the job done. Kent could be described as positive, enthusiastic, motivated, genuine and dedicated. His dominant characteristics build a constructive work environment.” Through the positive expectations of others, people increase their level of performance” (p 75). Kent describes the people working for Coca Cola to have high levels of job satisfaction which will result in a higher level of performance. With performance levels high Kent does not need to closely supervise his associates as long and they keep up an acceptable output.

3. What determinants of job satisfaction are addressed by Mr. Kent in his description of the firm? Muhtar Kent describes the employee’s job satisfaction as being enthusiastic. Coca-Colas website explains work as being “more than a place you go every day. It should be a place of exploration, creativity, professional growth and interpersonal relations…we want people to take pride in their work and build brands others love” (p. 99). It is clear that the company cares about their employees and their levels of job satisfaction. If people are happy with what they are doing they tend to do a better job at it. Overall, increasing job satisfaction will increase the productivity of the company and their product line.

4. Does Coca-Cola help develop employees’ self-concept?   Cola-Cola has a great contribution to employee’s self-concept. Coke values their employees. When people feel valued, are paid a competitive wage, and work for the top selling soft drink company in the world it tends to lead to a sense of pride. This pride develops a higher level of self-concept, and your overall attitude about yourself increases.

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