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The challenge of memory Essay

The challenge of memory enhancement is something that would have wide prescriptions and strategies from scientists and psychologists, and the solutions are wide-ranging, from having proper diet to supplements and vitamins. Memory is the acquired and retrieved information stored in the human brain; the memory capacity of the person would essentially depend on the capacity to expand this retention ability. Especially in adults, it is important to conduct regular mental exercises to stimulate dynamic movement of brain cells.

If the brain is left with little function or exercise, then its capacity to operate would be in jeopardy. Aside from constant and continual stimulation, the physical well-being of the person is important indeed. A healthy lifestyle with little stress can enhance one’s memory. Also, good and regular sleeping habits and physical exercises can impact positively on a person. Nutrition ingested by the body can also play a factor, like vitamins B6 and B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins C and e, are said to enhance a person’s memory. The state of a person’s emotion can very much affect brain function, especially the memory.

A healthy emotional condition can increase the ability of the person to retain and recognize memories, while high emotional stress can decrease memory capacities. Concentration and brain exercise, as was mentioned, as important factors in memory enhancement and emotional strains can deter these practices. For instance, a stressed person taking an examination, no matter how well-studied, can experience mental blocks due to the emotional condition; another example is that a person who is experiencing depression can find it difficult to concentrate.

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