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The Calling of Saul of Tarsus Essay

The calling of Saul of Tarsus is in the Books of Acts and Romans in the New Testament. Paul born a Jew in Tarsus, and breathing threats and murder against Christ disciples. Paul works against the church years before his calling he witness the death of the first Christian Martyr. Paul considered himself chief sinner among peers. Paul finally met face to face the one persecuted.

1.Paul questionable calling.

a. Born a Jew from Tarsus.

b.Paul was commissioned by Jerusalem High priest to pursues any followers of The Way

2. Paul brag of being passionate about his mission.

a. Self-proclaim number one sinner

b. Paul stood by as a witness to martyrdom

3.Saul on Damascus Road

a.Saul see a bright light

b.Saul is converted and baptizes

4.Saul of Tarsus as a final point, meet face to face the one persecuted

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