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The Best Pet to Have Essay

A pet is a domesticated animal kept as a companion. Basically it is seen in a form of a dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, hamster, and etc. There are many choices of the said creature, the question is “What is the best pet to have?”

Every person wishes to have a pet. A pet that could be a playmate, a companion and a friend. A pet where comfort could be found, easy to care and easy to feed. All pets can be a playmate but playing with a dog makes a difference. He could bring back a thrown tennis ball or jump into someone with a waving tail. Any pet could be a companion but a dog could accompany a person when doing outdoor activities such as jogging or swimming that any pet could not do. A pet could be a friend but a dog could be a “best friend”.

Maybe comfort would be found by expressing feelings to lock-up pets like rabbit or hamster but unlike dog, those pets could not be hugged that best gives comfort. All pets are easy to care and feed but with a dog, expenses will be lessen since left-over could be a dog food compare to the pets that feeds are necessary.

A dog is indeed the best pet to have. By having this, a person did not only find a playmate, a companion, a comforter or a pet but also he found a “best friend”.

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