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The Best of the Best: Oceanic Artworks Essay

Oceanic art is composed of the artworks made from Pacific islands, Australia and some parts of Hawaii. Its first examples were traced way back during the 38, 000 B. C on the Pacific Islands. Though they are well kept and preserved, only few of these artworks had survived the challenges of time since it is only made by perishable materials. In fact, Oceanic people had never considered their works as a form of art; they had merely made all of these for their practical purposes including their social and religious ceremonies that were said to make all of their cost of living prosperous.

Nowadays, Oceanic arts are considered as the most delicate, artistic, imaginative and the most eclectic in the whole world. Compared to other arts like the Oriental, Oceanic masterpieces truly expresses great artistry and are often in form of abstract, the hardest for of art to be considered. Because it is normally used on religious purposes, they are greatly appreciated and valued not only by their own people but also the whole world as well.

Compared to Oriental arts, Oceanic arts are more on engraving, sculpture and architecture, while the Oriental focuses on paintings and calligraphies. Oceanic masterpieces are more on textures and tangible, not just in a form of visual effects. And lastly, the Oceanic uses their artworks for practical purposes also, not just for expressing. Hence, this mere fact I making their artworks a lot better than any other classification of arts.

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