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The best advice ever given Essay

In my second interview with Cassie I learned some very valuable things. Cassie told me the best advice she ever received was no matter what happens, keep going, things might seem bad, but it’s not over yet and hard work pays off given by a family friend. Cassie says her family friend, Nikki, gave her the advice when she was going through a difficult time in her life and wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to go in her life.

The advice directed her back on track and helped her realize her goals and what she wanted to do which is helping kids with special needs. I’m sure multiple people can relate to this, I know I can. I have changed my major several times not knowing which path I wanted to go with my future. I finally did some shadowing in different career fields and decided which was best for me. This is good advice and something good everyone can take away and put to use in their future even if it doesn’t have to necessarily do with school. I know this is something I will remember and keep in mind as I go through school and life.

As you can see from these four experiences, advice is one thing everyone should keep handy. Whether it is from a parent or a friend, never turn down free advice. Always remember to act upon someone’s advice and not just acknowledge it. For those who have never been given wise advice feel free to use the advice given here to and from my peers.

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