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The Bane of Living in the Cities Essay

When we discuss about living in big cities or small towns, different people have different point of view. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. From my personal opinion, big cities have more advantages as compared to small towns, which I quiet disagree with the topic. There are three points I would like to highlight here on why I said living in big cities brings more benefits. Firstly, big cities have far better quality education from lower to higher education. What I am trying to emphasize here is big cities can provide us with modern and adequate academic environment which I find it is very important as education is the key for success in the future career. Therefore, students in big cities can get several benefits from the modern education offered such as multimedia teaching, electronic library and also internet.

By contrast, those who are living in small towns cannot take the opportunity as much as in big cities because there are not enough modern facilities provided in small towns. Secondly, we can see that more and more people especially the young people migrate to big cities because they see many opportunities in employment. As we all know, most of the local and international companies are situated in big cities so there are many places that they can work as opposed to small towns. Consequently, they have bigger chances in achieving their dreamed career and also pursue in what they like. In addition to this, most of the jobs offered in big cities have bigger salaries so that is why it is one of the attractions for the young people to live in big cities. Last but not least, people live in big cities can enjoy several entertainments and closer to better services like hospitals.

To illustrate, in big cities there are many shopping centers, entertainment parks and also many of the international events are held here. We can enjoy our quality time with our family in the entertainment parks but not for those who live in small towns because there is no such thing there. Furthermore, hospitals are nearer to you in big cities and the services offered are better compared to hospitals in small towns as they are fully equipped with modern equipments and also most of the specialists work there, It is true that despite these benefits of living in big cities, there are certain disadvantages to it. However, when compared both, I tend to see the advantages outweigh the disadvantages so that is why I am more on living in big cities. In a nutshell, no matter where we live it depends on an individual to make the decision to continue living your life.

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