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The arrival by Shaun Tan Essay

In the world of ‘The Arrival’, a young father begins to make his descent through new lands in search of a perfect city for his wife and young daughter. As the man begins his journey across the world, he travels by means of land and water transportation via a train and large boat. As the days go by, windy and warm, the man at long last reaches land, new land.

While going through the transit of the “airport”, the man finds it difficult to go through simple tasks due to the new language he begins to hear. Eventually taking a hot air balloon like contraption to a new city, hoping this is the one which will be the new home for his family. While passing through this bright, mysterious city, the man sees numerous things which seem so alien to him.

When day begins to transition to night, the man looks for a place to stay, only able to purchase a room after drawing a picture for the owner of the motel like home. Awaking the next morning, he finds a father and his child who are vending unknown fruits and vegetables, eventually leading him to become friends with the man after sketching out what horrors await for him in his old city.

The man then exclaims him and wife son also had a similar town of which they needed to escape from, leading them into the town they are now in. As the days go by, the man meets an older fellow who explains his story of war, also leading him back to this inexplicable city which was now his personal safe haven. Leaving the shop for the day, he sends a letter out to his family exclaiming that this will be their new city, a beautiful city full of unknown wonders and beautiful sights.

As the months pass by, days come and go, he receives a note, his Daughter and Wife had landed in the outskirts of this peculiar city. Rushing out to the fields, the man, his daughter, and his wife are finally reunited after a long journey of new people, animals, food, and places.

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