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The American Red Cross Description Paper Essay

Yes, it is important for organizational ethical value to support his or her value. Values begin at home first. One has to have compassion in his or hearts to support the ethical values of the American Red Cross to begin with. The American Red Cross values are compassionate, collaborative, creative, credible, and committed (American Red Cross 2012). The values listed here is the foundation for this organization; the same values should be followed and supported by individuals.

Compassionate: for the organization means to improve the lives of others, as well as respecting one another as you would have them respect you; that is learned at a very young age, compassion is caring for another.

Collaborative: the organization performs as one, inclusiveness and diversity is embraced as well; team work goes without saying, having each other’s back, picking up where someone else may have left off.

Creative: the organization welcomes new visions and ideas; The American Red Cross are always interested in serving others the best way they know how, if there is a better way by all means share it. One should always want to better themselves and others.

Credible: the organization has complete integrity, with honor and trust being the main priority. Each individual should want to be recognized and respected for his or her credibility, he or she should want to be trusted, and honored at all times.

Committed: the American Red Cross stands by the organizations mission and vision; it is always important to be defined as accountable, and responsible.

American Red Cross. (2012). New Red Cross mission statement, vision, and values. Retrieved from

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