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The Action Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Pygmalion: the Play and Higgins

Pygmalion is a primarily Shavian reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses with undertones of Cinderella. Romance and satire dominate both the play’s plot as well as style. Shaw takes a strong central situation–the transformation of a common flower girl into a lady–and surrounds it with superficial trimmings. There is technical innovation in the plot structure since Shaw, under the influence of Ibsen, replaces the stock Victorian formula of exposition, situation and unraveling with exposition, situation and discussion. The plot thus has three distinct stages of development. In the first stage Professor Henry Higgins, who is an expert in phonetics, transforms a common flower girl into an artificial replica of a lady by teaching her how to speak correctly. Prior to this Eliza’s…

Letter Of Counsling

1. Investigation has disclosed that you have failed to pay several bills within the last 3 months. This has become such a problem that your cell phone service was threatened to be shut off, insurance revoked, and car repossessed. 2. You are hereby counseled. By failing to pay your just debts, you have failed to meet the standards found in the Air Force Instruction 36-2906. As an Air Force member, you are expected and required to manage your financial affairs in a proper manner. Your conduct has shown a lack of financial responsibility that is expected of Air Force servicemen and women. Further punishment will be applied if you continue to fail to meet this standard. 3. The following information…