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The Abuse of Alcohol Essay

A large part of the population in the United States abuse or used to abuse alcohol. The health and social problems are enormous, leading to an increase in unemployment, homelessness and even death. Alcoholism can cause a lonely and poor life style. Many people use certain excuses to drink such as; “it is just one party”; or even “I will just have a couple” of drinks, but the fact is that they are addicted to alcohol. The Doctors claim that fifty percent of alcoholism is due to genetic inheritance, but drinking habits also are influenced by their environment and lifestyle, such as group of friends or stress levels.

There are a signs that we can use to identify alcohol abuse, like problems at school or work (including being late or not showing up) due to drinking. Also, when you cannot control how much you drink, make excuses for your drinking, wake-up in the morning drinking or drink alone and many others signs. Alcohol is a psychologically addictive drug that can provide a new world for some people, a world where they are important and happy. When the alcohol wears off they find they are no different so they need to drink more to again became happy. The reality is, that people drink to forget their problems or to relieve their stress, not realizing that drinking causes more problems than it can solve, but unfortunately it is a legal drug that the society does not discriminate against.

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