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The 13 American English Colonies Research Essay Essay

The 13 colonies have had their similarities and differences but they were not all formed the same. Since the colonies were not formed for all the same reasons, they were diverse and different from each other. Each colony had their own signature product or material which they would be known for. Even though the 13 original American colonies all belonged to England, there was much diversity between them because differences existed in the reasons formed, their bases of economies, and the role played by religions.

All the colonies were formed for several reasons. Some colonies were formed for religious freedoms, and others were formed for economic reasons. Certain colonies formed for trade, or trading posts, and land wealth (Cayton 1). Countries would send men to find new lands that would bring them money and land. Other colonies formed for an escape from religious persecution and indifferences. (Cayton 1). Some countries would not allow Quakers and other religious figures to settle in England so they would find a new place to settle. Just a few colonies were formed as a refuge for Quakers who were not allowed in England. (Cayton 1). Even though the colonies reasons formed were important, so was their bases of economy.

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