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Tessellation Patterns Essay

Tessellation Patterns are a way to express creativeness. A tessellation is a repeating pattern of shapes covering a plane without any gaps or overlaps. Choosing a pattern with triangles that are black and white was a way to express a pattern. There are so many different ways to create a tessellation pattern and use of transformation. Normally, tessellations are created using polygons, this one was created using triangles. Reflections occur across a line called the axis. To reflect a shape across an axis is to plot a special corresponding point for every point in the original shape.

Specifically, the corresponding point is the point that is the same distance from the axis as is the original point. You determine the distance from a point to a line by drawing a line perpendicular to the original line and that passes through the point. Working with simple lines of symmetry will make this pattern clean and simple with black and white colored triangles for the pattern.

This pattern is a reflection of itself so when that it is folded in half either way the reflection will show on the other side as the same. Working with many patterns and colors to make different designs can be quiet confusing in the way they turn out. There are so many ways to work with a tessellation, one can use squares, triangles or make their own lines of symmetry. One can use many different colors and patterns within each block. While making this tessellation it reminds one of putting together a quilt with the blocks containing a pattern.

The types of transformation are Reflection, Rotation, Glide Reflections, and Translations. If one looks at the picture within this work one may find that that the pattern are clean and simple with black and white triangles. If one was to fold it in half there would be a reflection on both sides of the pattern. Notice the line white lines and the reflection is on both sides of that line. This is what is meant by reflections transformation.

Tessellation using triangles with the colors black and white to make a reflection transformation.

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