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Tennis Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Monologue: High School

Do you realize that tonight is the most important night of my life? Oh my God! Do you? It’s like totally more important than cheer tryouts. It’s more important than my first kiss, the first day of middle school, the first day of high school, the first day of Driver’s Ed, more important than my driver’s license, more important than any of my ex-boyfriends, more important than my current boyfriends… I mean friend. It is the pinnacle of the high school experience. The prom. Prom night. The night that I will remember for the rest of my life. I spent six hundred dollars on my dress. Anyway, Jane Hickman spent a thousand… She’s a total daddy’s girl. For her sixteenth…

Fitness Plus Case Study

1. Were the capacities of the existing facilities constrained, and if so, where? According to the case study, membership has been increasing since the opening of the club. It is stated that the growth brought complaints from members of overcrowding and unavailability of equipments. This clearly shows that the capacities of existing facilities are indeed constrained. This means that there are more members but less equipments or space for them to exercise. Complaints were mainly focused on the Nautilus, cardiovascular, and aerobics fitness area. Based on the case study, the aerobic room accommodates 35 members per class but during peak hours when the facilities are constrained the most, 80 members per hour would check in to use the facilities. There…

Playa Dorada Upload

Goals of expansion strategy The goal of Douglas Hall, which is currently in charge of creating an expansion strategy for Playa Dorada is to create a new expansion strategy in long term which may be by creating new facilities for people using tennis courts and increase the efficiency of the actual existing tennis courts by modifying or optimizing playing hours or pricing of the courts. Additional to this Hall needs to satisfy all parties existing at Playa Dorada, including the following departments: -Research operations / low investment, easy to manage -Marketing Sales / new tennis club house, lounge and shop -Finance / cash flow and ROI -Development / blending into nature and exotic architecture -Create an expansion strategy quickly -Satisfy…