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Tell us about your career goals and how your education at NYIT will support these goals Essay

* I have seen many friends and relatives return to India after completing their education in the United States. One change, that I believe, stood out amongst those who studied in colleges with campuses in cities as opposed to those who studied in a rural setting was the high level of self-independency.

* Having grown up in sheltered environment, I worry whether I am capable of living and making of my own life when I grow up. It is understandable that my parents want to make my life easy but I think that it is time I learn to live on my own. NYIT, set in Manhattan, will be give the opportunity of living in a large metropolitan city which I hope will teach me to become responsible and independent.

* Just as important in making my decision to apply to NYIT is the Business Adminstration course offered. I hope to eventually run my father’s company and although many have told me that one doesn’t need a BA degree to run a company, I disagree. I believe that the curriculum at NYIT will better prepare me to manage myself, my time and priorities as well as the people who work under and above me.

* Before I will be allowed to take after my father I will likely be expected to prove myself. I believe that at NYIT I will get the opportunities to do so; NYC offers opportunities unlike most any other city. I can explore my creative side by participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities, intern during the summers in a variety of fields to gain experience and explore the greatest city on Earth. After graduation, I hope to work in the U.S. as I believe that the experience of working here would be invaluable to me as a future leader. The development that I can undergo at NYIT simply cannot be matched by that I could experience in India. * For all the aforementioned reasons, I believe that NYIT is the place to be for me. I hope that in my time there I can contribute, as much as I gain, to the other students and faculty.

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