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Television Is Doing Irreparable Harm Essay

Television, one of the most popular and used media, is accessible to a considerable number of people nowadays. Although it is an important medium of entertainment and knowledge, I believe that their inappropriate use can be dangerous.

In the first place, the programming many times is not good or interest at all. There are many dumb programs on TV. Though they, frequently have a big audience, their contents are quite superficial and in poor taste. In addition, several channels show a lot of advertising during its daily broadcastings. This can incite negative consumption habits and materialistic behaviors. Besides there are many popular programs with a high content of violence, misbehavior and drugs. This might establish wrong concepts among the audience, mainly on children, that influence them into having negative behaviors.

Secondly, to spend too much time in front of the TV sets can be the cause of health problems like visual and muscular disorders. Besides, watching television for prolonged periods of time has negative effects over the developed of children and leads to deterioration of the mental capacity in older people by causing both attention and memory problems in the long term. People should do useful activities like exercises, reading, interacting with friend and family that are crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

However a correct use of television has many positive things. TV informs; people hear what happen in the world much more on the news than no other medium. Television is an inexpensive source of entertainment; we can enjoy films, sports, debates, music from the home´s comfort, but it harms sometime. Besides, television educates; fortunately there are still very interesting, appealing and educational programs on TV.

In conclusion, even though the television can influence negatively on our physical and mental health and our behavior, a good use of it, certainly adds elements that improves, and benefits our personal growth.

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