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Teen Pregnancy Essay

Today in this society so many teenagers are having sex and not realizing the outcome of what is going too happened after they have done it? Not all parents are in their kids business enough when they should be. Wondering where your kids are at all times when they are in their early teenage years are one of the good ways you can keep track of what they do on daily basics. Most of the time kids don’t do the right thing and they are most likely to not return from school on time either and that’s why parents need to understand their kids and for the kids to try to understand the parents and know that their parents are not putting them down they just care.

Teenage pregnancy is increasing rapidly in our country. In fact, Manila has the highest teen birth rate in the Philippines. There are factors that contribute to this increasing problem. Teen pregnancy comes with effects that can cause serious problems. Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem that can be prevented by using contraceptives.

Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem. It can cause many emotional effects. Being pregnant can cause a teenage mother to wonder how and why she got pregnant in the first place. A teenage mom is also affected emotionally by realizing that she has to carry the child for nine months, and the father does not. He gets to go out and do whatever he wants to do. Finances are more problems for the teenage parents to have to face. They have to have a job to support the child. Most teen families end up on welfare.

According to Kristie A. Klusaw, states that “Pre Marital Sex is a huge problem in the society today.” Klusaw also states that “teenagers are not waiting to get married to have sex.” And by doing that, this is clearly a cause of teen pregnancy. Meenakshi Madhur also added that “Sex is a very strong biological need. However sex after marriage has a purpose of not only evolution but also amedium of expressing love between couples.”

Inside the “The Unplanned Pregnancy Book” written by Dorrie Williams-Wheeler it says in there that “There are reasons of teen pregnancy, the first one is Psychological Factors, the immature and irresponsible behavior arising due to complex teenage psychology is another important cause of teenage pregnancies. “Teenagers often go through a number of emotions because of their own transition from childhood and peer pressure.” Williams-Wheeler added.

In addition to that, Williams-Wheeler also said that that thee second cause of teen pregnancy is “Lack of Discipline and Control, factors like alcohol and substance abuse accompanied by unrestricted interaction with the opposite sex can ignite the sparks of lust and passion in youngsters very easily ultimately leading to teenage pregnancy.”

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