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Technology learning Essay

Thru the use of technology learning becomes more interactive, in such a ways, I got a chance to enjoy my class and appreciate modern tools. With the proper use of the technologies, student’s life is now easier as compare as before. Instead of spending more time doing my research in the library, I got the comfort of doing it in my room using online or e libraries. The internet itself serves as another medium of knowledge for me since I developed into being a resourceful person; I used my navigation skills to look for a certain things.

When presenting ideas or doing reports in front of the class, it is an advantage if you do it in power point presentation. It’ll be able to have more class attention and participation. It makes your report more presentable since it allows you to use your creativity in matching information with photographs. Microsoft Excel though it looks more complicated it makes your tallying task easier. I no longer need calculator since the office program does the computation manually.

I use this most of the time keep an outline of my daily tasks. “Blogging” is becoming a trend online, more than being a fashion it serves as online diary of my day to day learning experience. It is plus when doing group works since you can update each other with the current status of your report by simply logging to your group blog. Technologies greatly affect our life however you don’t let technology manipulate you but you use it a positive way that it will bring comfort in your daily living.

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