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Technology in Education Essay

Over the years technology has drastically changed the way teachers are educating students in their classrooms. Teaching today is much more effective than it was ten years ago by all the technological advancements that have been incorporated into people’s daily routine. Technological advances are being developed daily and are incorporated in people’s everyday lives whether it is during class work, classroom lectures or leisure activities. More schools are becoming technology savvy in education.

Students no longer have to personally go to a library to do research information on their projects, they can now browse through the online databases that their school provides. Students have been gaining more knowledge because of the progression of technology. Online classes have been a major way for students to be able to get their education and obtain major degrees. Because of how technology has grown we are now able to log into our students accounts, read books, submit term papers, and communicate with an instructor.

Although technology will never replace an actual teacher it can help as an aid for teachers to allow their students to connect more actively with the texts and their writing progression. Also, if a student cannot make it to his classroom lecture a classmate can record the lecture for them. Technology has both a blessing and a burden to education, without it education would not be the same. Students no longer have to sit in a classroom and go through the torture of listening to the long lectures; they can now take online classes and receive the same education at their convenience.

Through technology schools have been able to offer students the opportunity take an online classes. An online class has been very popular for many stay at home mothers and adults that can not attended classes in person; they can take an online course and continue their every day life routine. Online classes have grown since it first came out and have been prevailing in today’s society. It is a very big blessing to many students including that are unable to attended a Students can now search through thousands of sources within the time span to search for a book and find the specific information they are looking to find.

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