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Technical Writting Essay

Company Introduction

Texans r Us is in search of a Microsoft trainer to train the staff in Microsoft Office Programs. This Request for Proposal (RFP) will layout the company background and scope of work and will describe the project. If your agency would like to be considered for this project submits a written proposal that concentrates on the points of this RFP no later than Feb 18, 2013. The goal of this project is to fully train the staff of Texans r Us in Microsoft Office Programs. Upon completion of the training each staff member will be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Project Introduction

The goal of the project is to have the entire staff of Texans r Us trained in Microsoft Office programs. Texans r Us consist of four to five employees per location with five locations. The timeframe for this project is as follows:

* October 18: Distribute RFP to various agencies
* October 22: Deadline for agencies to submit proposals.
* October 25: Texans r Us will be available for agency inquiry.
* November 8: Contact agencies that will be considered as well as agencies that will not be considered
* November 15 – 19: Agencies will be presented to team members
* November 22: Contact agency chosen and draw up contract.
*November 29: Start date for new agency and meeting with team members.

The budget for 2013 training will be prearranged by Texans r Us when agency is elected. The range for the budget is $20,000 – $30,000. Administrative information
The desired qualifications for the selected agency:
* Microsoft Certified Professionals.
* Client references.
* Excellent writing and verbal skills.
The required format for submitting proposals are to include a title page, letter of transmittal, executive summary table of contents and list of visuals. There should also be an introduction and a clear and concise plan for executing the project All proposals submitted will become the sole property of Texans r Us and will not be shared with second or third party clients. If there are any further questions please contact Eli Mata at 555-555-5555.

Essay Topics:

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