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Tea Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The tea market

I. INTRODUCTION/ HISTORY The tea market is dominated by five countries, Kenya, Sri Lanka, China, India and Indonesia, which export about 80% of the world tea. Apart from China, the rest mainly produce black tea. In 2004, the world’s net import of tea was 1.42 million tonnes, out of which 1.17 million tonnes (82%) was black tea (Anonymous, 2000-2003). In contrary, the growth rate in world black tea consumption was reduced to 2.2% during 1993-2003 (FAO, 2005). The imbalance situation between the level of demand and supply of tea is a big threat for the tea producing countries, due to decline in prices. Similarly, the depressed price situation has been intensified in Kenyan tea industry due to high production cost (Gesimba…

A History of the World in 6 Glasses

1. The author’s main thesis in setting the book is that drinks have shaped human history ever since early humans were forced to live by rivers, springs and lakes to ensure an adequate supply of freshwater. 2. These fluids like water are vital to us because we would not be able to live more than a few days without some fluids in our body. “Beer in Mesopotamia and Egypt” (Chapter 1 and 2) 1. The discovery of beer is linked to the growth of the first civilizations because the discovery of beer was central to social, religious, and economic life, bringing everyone together which was the setup of most civilizations at that time. 2. The history of beer and its…

Thesis in tea bags

Abstract: This project is being done to know the potency of the extract from Camellia sinensis as an ink. This project aims for making an ink for a cheaper and in alternative way than the commercial and branded one. Problem: How to make an alternative ink out of Camellia sinensis that can be found in tea bags? Introduction: Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Tea likely originated in China as a medicinal drink. It is made by brewing tea leaves to create an extract, due to the chlorophylls and other pigments in the leaves, the color commonly appears brown. Statement of the Problem: In…

Marketing Planning

INTRODUCTION Unilever started its operations in Vietnam in 1995 and do business in fast moving consumer goods area. It has developed an extensive local network of distributors and retailers with commit to “make Vietnamese lives better” through the provision of a wide range of international quality and affordable priced products in health, hygiene and nutrition. Unilever Vietnam was developed the wide range of business services and products, with more than 20 brands name, Unilever has become one of the biggest multinational in Vietnam and South-East Asia. 1.1 Review the changing perspective in Unilever marketing planning Nowadays, when demand and customer satisfaction are foundation of business, there are more companies follow the market – led orientation strategy instead of product orientation….

Marketing Objectives

Executive Summary Ceylon Tea came into being nearly a century and half back when the then existing coffee plantations, struck by a deadly disease – which virtually proved the death knell of coffee in Ceylon as it was then called, were converted to tea plantations. Nearly all the coffee plantations were very soon converted to tea plantations. As Ceylon Tea made its mark in the world and was being widely traded in the markets, measures were instituted to facilitate and monitor the process of manufacture and sale of tea to be shipped to foreign countries. On 30th July 1883 the first public sale of tea took place. The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce brought under its purview the conduct of these…

A History of the World in 6 Glasses Study Questions

1. The author’s main thesis in setting up this book is that many drinks have built and brought together human history in to what we know about it. 2. The fluids that are mentioned in the book are vital because each one played a role in many areas of history and they are a crucial part of creating a certain period of history. “Beer in Mesopotamia and Egypt” 1. The discovery of beer is linked to the growth of the first civilizations because in both cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt, beer was the main drink. It was consumed by everyone and was known as the defining drink of both of the first great civilizations. 2. The history of beer tells…