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Taylor vs Fayol Essay

Q.1:How can the removal of the inner plastic sleeve from Kit Kat Bumper packs be seen as a move towards sustainability? Ans:Nestle has established a set of criteria for packaging and one major achievement in this area was reduction of 160 tonnes of plastic per year by removing the inner plastic sleeve from Kit Kat Bumper packs. It will be less harmful for the environment as producing plastic cause air pollution and it will be also harmful for the animals as they eat that plastic covers.

Q.2:Why are International Treaties like Rio and Kyoto important in encouraging sustainable business practice? Ans: United Nation Conference on Environmental and Development (UNCED) for a set of guidelines to deal with many issues, including concern for the environment. International treaties like Rio and Kyoto support this eco-friendly concept and integrated a strategy of sustainability taking into account it’s three main aspects that is economics, environment and social.

Q.3:Give one other example of how Nestlé has developed business practice in line with Agenda 21’s seven point plan for business. Ans:As agenda 21 states that responsible business like Nestle should play major role in improving the efficiency of their workers with use of minimum resources by minimizing the waste and environmental quality Nestle should give training to the workers and give them guidelines for the better production with use of minimum resources.

Q.4:Why is it important for organizations like Nestlé to show leadership in developing sustainable business practice? Ans:Well established organization like Nestle which is having good brand image should show leadership in developing sustainable business practice. As people who are associated with this brand name will trust and like this innovative eco-friendly concept therefore the productivity and the efficiency will increased. There after different organization will analyze the growth of Nestle and also start to following this type of sustainable business practices to be in market.

Q.5:What further steps could Nestlé take in contributing to sustainability? Ans: As Nestle is committed to sustainable development and environmentally sound business practices. One further step Nestle should take that they have to commit the employees for their wellbeing and assure them safe andhealthy surrounding.

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