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Taste Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Taste of Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the countries situated on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East. Its people considered the country as the place where the sun rises. The Lebanese people can be called Levantines since it was decided that the eastern part of the Sea will be called Levant. The country is 4,015 square miles, which is about three-fourths of the Connecticut state in the USA. In the east part of the Lebanon Mountains is the Bekaa Valley, a very fertile land. At the eastern part of the valley is the Mount Hermon. Lebanon experiences Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and cool and wet winters. Different changes of climate allow swimming and skiing. Its land area…

Market Study of Zagu

A. The product What a better way to beat the heat than a cold shake….. Not just any other shake but Zagu Pearl Shake……… B. Name of the product Zagu Pearl Shake is a food stall business that offers cool flavored drink. C. Properties of the product The Zagu franchise is committed to providing the perfect customized combination of support and marketing to meet the needs of its franchise family. Authorized dealership features the opportunity to carry the established Zagu trade mark and logo. By this, all the Zagu products to be sold are already part of the authorized dealership. Since the success of every business lies on the quality of the product it produced there will be a proprietary…