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Tasks of contrastive lexicology Essay

1. Lexicology as a subdivision of linguistics. Its object and tasks.
2. Subdivisions of lexicology.
3. Tasks of contrastive lexicology. Its theoretical and practical value.
4. The IC analysis in lexicological studies.
5. Distributional analysis in lexicological studies.
6. Transformational procedures in lexicological studies.
7. Componental analysis in lexicological studies.
8. Statistical methods of analysis in lexicological studies . 9. Contrastive analysis in lexicological studies.
10. The word as a fundamental unit of the language.
11. Criteria of the definition of the word.
12. Morphemes, free and bound forms.
13. Aims and principles of morphemic analysis.
14. Criteria for distinguishing between inflectional and derivational affixes.
15. Contrastive analysis of the morphemic structure of English and Ukrainian word.
16. Definition of the field of word-formation and approaches to the classification of the principal types of word-formation.
17. Word-formation rules and the notion of productivity in the field of word-formation.
18. Compounding as the type of word-formation: formal characteristics and types of compounds.
19. Contrastive analysis of noun compounds in English and Ukrainian.
20. Referential vs functional approach to meaning.

21. The notion of polysemy.
22. Systemic organization of lexicon.
23. Semantic change: metaphor.
24. Semantic change: metonymy.
25. Semantic change: hyperbole, litotes, irony.
26. Euphemisms and politically correct terms.
27. Types of varieties of a language.
28. Stylistically marked classes of words.
29. Types of literary-bookish words.
30. Neologisms: problems of defining and classification.
31. Non-literary colloquialisms.
32. Definition and subject-matter of lexicography.
33. Dictionary: definition and types.
34. Criteria of linguistic dictionaries classification.
35. Corpus and corpus linguistics. Parallel corpora.
36. Notable English and Ukrainian language corpora
37. The notion of synonymy. Types of synonyms.
38. The notion of idiomaticity and criteria of singling out phraseological units.
39. Classification of phraseological units.
40. Main sources of phraseological units.
41. The notion of homonymy. Sources and types of homonyms.
42. The connections of lexicology and grammar.
43. Lexicology and Stylistics: points of intersection.
44. Etymological structure of the English language.
45. Morphological types of words: approaches to classification.
46. Conversion and shortening as productive types of word-formation in English.
47. The notion of semantic indivisibility in phraseological studies.
48. Neologisms vs occasionalisms.

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