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Take Home Test Sample Essay

Phil 1301 Take Home Test #2 Section 1 1. George Berkeley 2. Immanuel Kant 3. David Hume 4. Rene Descartes 5. St. Thomas Aquinas 6. John Locke Section 2 1. Descartes’ Eideological Proof for God’s existence claims that we have an idea in our minds that a person more perfect than ourselves exists. Descartes’ says that we know we cannot come from nothing, but we can also not come from ourselves. The idea of perfection has been placed in our minds by a person who is already perfect and God is the ONLY adequate idea of perfection that there is known.

2. The best way to explain Locke’s distinction between a sensible object’s primary and secondary qualities is to say that if you have the shape sensation of a textbook the cause of the sensation is a shape out of the world. The explanation for the sensation of shape is shape is an external world. Whenever you have the color sensation of the book, it is not the colorness out of the world but more of a specific arrangement of insensible parts of matter. The secondary qualities refer only to the primary qualities. 3.

Kant’s theory of perception is defined in his work in Critique of Pure Reason. Kant makes understanding that experience alone is not a foundation of the external world but experience and concepts. 4. Aquinas’ concept of abstraction is a development of Aristotle’s, that external objects are substances and substances are composite realities. He agreed that in reality, matter and form are never separated. One never finds form with matter and vise versa, in the human mind however the two can be separated. Humans come to know particular substances and the mind then abstracts from. Section 3.

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