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Taiwan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

“Bisy Backson” representing Western Society

In the novel, The Tao of Pooh we are introduced to “Bisy Backson” who represents the most misguided of Western Society, as well, we are shown that Western societal thinkers/philosophers/writers represent, in their own way, the Tao. “Bisy Backson” confuses exercise with work and activity with creativity. “The Bisy Backson is almost desperately active,” (p. 93) says Benjamin Hoff. He adds, “Let’s put it this way: if you want to be healthy, relaxed, and contented, just watch what a Bisy Backson does and then do the opposite.” Often, in Western Society, we focus on the final product before we have begun the journey. When Pooh considers what he likes best in the world, he decides the “…moment just before you…