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Tactics Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Formal Presentation Tactics

Presentations, unlike reports, carry the personality of a speaker, simultaneously allowing for interaction between all participants involved. A good presentation is hinged on precise, well researched content as well as a clear well laid out structure. Simply put, content relates to information useful to the people. It differs significantly from presentations to reports. The latter are analyzed at the readers’ pace but the former must account for the amount of information that can be assimilated in a single sitting. The structure followed must be logical, sequenced as well as suitably paced so that the audience can effectively follow the proceedings. Other salient aspects are packaging and the human element. Presentations must be well prepared for the audience is literally at…

Describe Mongol Tactics

Describe Mongol Tactics in battle and on the march. How might these tactics have contributed to Mongol success? The Mongols were successful in their battle because of the tactics they implemented. Khan created battalions of soldiers from combined groups of people, Mongols and Turks, such that new leadership and allegiances would be created. Each of the battalions would simultaneously invade different lands. Their swiftness provided them the advantage to conquer fast, thus they were able to take over easily and move on with the march. They killed people the most drastic way possible sparing no one, thus the image that was created of them was that of fear, so no one even dared fought them, even if they were outnumbered….