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Sympathy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Sympathy for Duddy Kravitz

Mordecai Richler’s novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, takes a low-life young man, who will lie, cheat and steal from friends and family and makes him seem to be a sympathetic character. It is Richler’s that allows the reader to suspend judgment on the young man and pity his life, for Kravitz thinks that he is unloved, even by his family, his mother is dead and he has no real friends. Through the use of pity, humor and a sense of ‘virtuous by comparison’ Richler shows the reader Duddy Kravitz’ humanity and lets the reader feel sympathetic to him. The sadness in Kravitz’ life is told from the very start when Richler writes that Kravatiz’ mother is dead and he…