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SWOT River Island Essay

Window display didn’t have the ‘WOW’ Factor, one nearer to Marble Arch had a better display Lacked in products for petite and tall
Not many varied sizes in some products, had size 8 but not many other sizes Height of products, hard to reach some of the garments on top Mannequins at the end of the railings didn’t have the products Opportunities

More student discount events
Develop ranges for petite, tall and maternity
Expansion overseas to build brand image
More collaboration
Celebrity Association
Bring in more brands
Online: have models wearing the garments to get a realistic view on the products Competition on Oxford Street
Have to be careful with collaboration with certain designers Competitive market, customers will find cheaper alternative Online retailers e.g. boohoo and missguided

Overall Shopping Experience

I entered the store near Oxford Circus around 11.30am, as soon as I walked in I was amazed at the interior of the store, I like the VM display at the entrance and the white space around the store, I feel like the products can pop out. Throughout the store the way products were displayed was very pleasing, should be done to the store nearer to Marble Arch.

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