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Switzerland Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Emmi Case Study

This case study tells us about the Emmi Group, largest milk processor and leading producer of dairy products in Switzerland. Headquartered in the central Swiss city of Lucerne. It has around 5000 employees in all around the world and their global revenues are around 5billion Swiss Francs. It was founded in 1907 when they formed one company from almost 60 local cooperatives and started producing cheese and yoghurt under the marketing name “Emmi”. Emmi’s main markets are Germany, Italy, Austria, the UK, the Benelux countries and US. With its fresh range of products the company primarily focuses on lifestyle, convenience and healthy products. Customers are retail businesses, the food sector and the food industry. Strategy development can be done after…

War Against Terrorism

I took this article because I went to the CNN homepage and, no wonder, the first I saw was an article about the “new- or how the Talibans call it the holly war”. So I chose to take it because I’ m interested in all that what is gonna happen and what has already happen. Then now when I’m in the USA I can actualy talk with other people about this which are a part of this war, because in Switzerland we only see what happens on TV and nobody around you has got anything to do with it because Switzerland is a neutral state. I also took this articl because it has something to do with the last chapter…