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Survive Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Do Societies Choose to Fail or Survive

The society is a very important aspect on the life of any human. The very definition of the term society which is entwined on the aspect of relationships of a group of people, who depend on each other in either way make it to be of utmost importance. When viewed in broader terms, the society depicts people in a certain region and most certainly has common bonds such as culture, language or any other factors that brings them together. It is therefore common knowledge to note that although the society has the gist of prospering, other societies have fallen and the question that arises is whether a society chooses to fail or survive. Various arguments have been put across with…

Made to Stick-Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Ideas are what fuels the forward movement of the human race; it can surely be said that without ideas, people would very likely still be reading by candle light, riding horses and using butter churns for their daily food preparation. In Made to Stick-Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath, the authors have an overriding theme: that the communication of ideas is what drives business, interpersonal relationships and indeed all human interactions. Further, the authors put forth the thesis that ideas do not need to be complex to be memorable, but they do have to be “sticky”, meaning in the vocabulary of the authors that they have to make a lasting impression on others, be…