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Survival Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Redemption and survival

The novel by Victor Hugo entitled Les Miserables is story that looks into the life of John Valjean and his exploits towards awakening, redemption and survival. It depicts his transformation from a galley prisoner towards a new man. It conveys the different decisions and actions committed by a man towards choosing his path in life. Likewise, there are other characters that intertwine and provide relevant impact in Jean Valjean’s life and growth as an individual. Moreover, the setting of the story outlines the significance of societal factors that has been influential in the creation of decisions and actions that transpired in the duration of the story. Analyzing the different themes presented by Hugo in this story, one significant element in…

Culture adaptation and survival

With communication and transportation more readily available than before, the interpenetration of cultural facets between groups have become easier if not more frequent. However, this flow of data cannot be solely attributed to the presence of devices that allow information dissemination; people take an active part whether consciously or not, in spreading and reforming cultures by their global movements and actions. This paper will look into this event, focusing on how adopting cultural features from other groups can resemble biological adaptation in that they both can lead to higher survival rates in a given environment. Historical and relevant situations gathered from related literature will be used to develop and provide grounds for this statement. Jia, Lu and Heisey posit that…

Survival of the Prettiest

Nancy Etcoff, the author of the “Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty,” sought to acknowledge how aesthetics influence human behavior. As a psychologist, engaging in continuing education in the field, particularly in areas concerning beauty and aesthetics and its relations to the workings of the mind, and in the application of psychology through teaching in Harvard (“Nancy Etcoff,” N. D. & “Nancy Etcoff,” 2009), Etcoff has gained a wide perspective on how beauty compels and guides human behavior. With strong supporting evidences based on research, particularly the contribution of other psychologists such as Judith Langlois, Etcoff was able to establish the notion that the concept of beauty is need learned or adapted from society – that is, from…