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Surnames Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Supreme Student Government (Ssg) Induction Program

Programme I. Invocation——————————————-Raja Barber (SSG President) II. Opening Remarks—————————–Sir Victor Gardoce (SSG Adviser) III. Message————————————Mam Marietta Maines (Principal IV) **Intermission Number—————————-SPA Innovation Combo IV. Homeroom Officers 1st Year————————————–Sir Edgardo Villarba(English Dep’t Head) 2nd Year—————————————Sir Arnold Gerance(Math Dep’t Head) **Intermission Number————————————-Dance Number 3rd Year————————————-Mam Elenita Aguila (Science Dep’t Head) 4th Year————————————–Mam Ciaralyn Valencia (TLE Dep’t Head) V. Clubs English Club———————————————Sir Edgardo Villarba Science Club——————————————–Mam Elenita Aguila Mathematics Club————————————-Sir Arnold Gerance Filipino Club—————————-Mam Ceferina Supnet (Filipino Dep’t Head) **Intermission Number—————–Song Number (Mr.Sombrano) Buklod Bisig—————————————Sir Victor Gardoce (AP Dep’t Head) STEP Club————————————————Mam Ciaralyn Valencia SKAEP Club———————————————-Mam Leonila Orpilla Masters of Ceremony: Louise Lidem & Jasper Adriatico VI. Organizations SPA Innovation Band———————–Sir Edgar Castillo (MAPEH Dep’t Head) SPA Innovation Choir———————–Sir Edgar Castillo (MAPEH Dep’t…