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Supplemental Materials Essay

Additional Readings:
Four Pillars
Read “Four Pillars” on the GCU website.


Student Preparation for Distance Education
Read “Student Preparation for Distance Education,” by Taormino, from Distance Learning (2010). (7pgs.) Link:

New Skills for a New Work Reality

Read “New Skills for a New Work Reality,” by Galagan, from T + D (2011). (4pgs.) Link:

The Cornell Method
Read “The Cornell Method” portion of the Note Taking Systems page of the California Polytechnic State University website. (6pgs.)


Parallel Note-Taking: A Strategy for Effective Use of Webnotes Read “Parallel Note-Taking: A Strategy for Effective Use of Webnotes,” by Pardini et al., from Journal of College Reading and Learning (2005). (18pgs.) Link:

The Digital Dog Ate My Notes
Read, “The Digital Dog Ate My Notes: Tools and Strategies for 21st Century
Research Projects,” by Lamb & Johnson, from Teacher Librarian (2009). Link:

TEDTalks Resources:
Utilize the following resources to assist you in responding to the Journals and Discussion Questions throughout this course. Topic 3:
Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership (6min)

Stanley McChrystal: Listen, Learn…Then Lead (16min)

John Wooden: Coaching for People, Not Points (18min)

Support Materials:
An In-Depth List of Online Study Help Resources
Review “An In-Depth List of Online Study Help Resources,” located on the Wayback Machine website. (5 pgs. of tips with each a separate resource to other tips)


Note Taking; the Cornell Method

Cornell Method: Notes Generator
This is a generator to for creating your own Cornell Notes

Essay Topics:

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