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Supervision Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Fundamentals of Administration Curriculum and Supervision

Introduction Administration curriculum and supervision in education developed out of the desire to run schools under laid down skills, rules and guidelines. This was supposed to be carried out by professors and educational practitioners. In the 18thcentury this process was governed by professionally unskilled men from the local community. The administration process in education is comprised of government officials in charge of education that is from the ministry o education, the professors, curriculum developers and designers, heads of schools and the teachers’ staff. The curriculum involves stakeholders in education, professors and teachers. Supervision consists of almost the members in administration with others like inspectors and invigilators. These are charged with the role of monitoring the implementation of programmes in schools….

The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision

Prison officers, are the main front lines of the staff in Prison Service; they are the ones who are solely in charge of maintaining the security of the prison and the inmates (Prison officers n. d. ). They are the ones who supervise people who are in prison; it means that they are in charge of the inmates’ physical, mental, spiritual and mental needs, including their rehabilitation and training. It is their sole responsibility to ensure the prisoner’s wellbeing while inside the prison; they should make sure that the inmates under them are safe from harm that can be inflicted by other people inside or even by themselves (Prison officers n. d. ). They are expected to encourage those who…