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Superstition Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Power of Superstition

Religion without morality is a superstition and a curse, and morality without religion is impossible, said by Mark Hopkins. Mark Twain uses superstition to show people in the century he live were un-educated, many people thinks superstition is real, which is no scientifically proofed, and also creates interest for reading the novel of “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn”. For those people who think superstations are real and know a lot about superstition, superstition always makes them fear, and keeps them on their toes. Jim is one of them, he knows a lot about superstition, and he thinks they are real. He always fears about doing something that might bring him bad luck, and always tells Huck about them. In the…

Underlying Meanings of Superstitions

Superstition is thought to be a belief that does not have clear scientific or reasonable evidence to support it. But some superstitions were taught from parents to children orally for a long time. Many superstitions have underlying meanings that contain useful knowledge, so they may be worth telling. One famous Japanese superstition is related to lightning. “The god of lightning likes humans’ navel, so when you hear thunder, hide your navel in case he steals it.” No one, except some children, believes that literally. Then is it just a silly expression? No, it’s not. I think it is formed for a lazy child who sleeps with their stomach naked. When it thunders, it often starts to rain, and the temperature…

The chrysalids

Plants are burned, animals are slaughtered, and human deviations are banished to the Fringes where they are out of sight, cannot reproduce, and will either die or live a miserable life. The main reason that the citizens of Waknuk desire such sameness and conformity is because of their superstitious and religious beleifs. They believe that God sent tribulations to “The Old People”, and that was why their society was destroyed. Because they don’t want the same thing to happen to their society, the people of “The New World” and of Waknuk believe that they must keep the gene pool free of mutations and deviations, so that everyone is made in the “true image” of God. Those who are not in…