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Superpower Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Superpower Machine

Every once in a while I cant help but think about what it would be like if I have powers. If I can build a machine that can do anything, I want a machine that can transform me into any hero I want with any superpower there is. It would be an amazing thing to have the ability to do something noble and help people while having fun at the same time. In case of an emergency, I can turn into someone with superman or batman powers or any other hero depending on the situation. For example,if there was any trouble at sea, I can turn into Aqua man or if speed is needed I can easily become Flash. Another…

A Brief Introduction about the growth of the USA as a Superpower

After the end of World War-II, two allies the USA and the erstwhile USSR fought bitterly for supremacy. The power struggle between these countries witnessed the involvement of more nations, which started a cold war. Ideologically, the USA and the USSR were completely different. While the USA was a capitalist country, the USSR was a communist nation. This ideological difference was one of the prime reasons for the conflict between these two major powers as the USA always fought against communism. Cold War, which started in 1945, ended with the disintegration of USSR. After the collapse of Soviet Union, there was no competitor left to challenge the USA. The power and influence of the USA grew further and it became…