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Summury Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Three men in a boat summary

Pampady is a beautiful village in the Kottayam district of Kerala, India. Majority of the people there belonged to Orthodox Syrian Christian Denomination. “Karinganamattom” Family is one such old time, famous Orthodox Syrian Christian Family, a branch of which is the “Moolakara” Family into which Our Thirumeni was born. Parents of Thirumeni: “Avira”, Thirumeni’s paternal grandfather had two sons – Kuruvilla and Chacko. Chacko married Ilachi from the Velukottu family from Veloor. They had four sons and six daughters. Thirumeni was the fifth child among the nine of them. He was born on 1060 Meenam, 24th according to the Malayalam System or on April 5th, 1885 (Sunday) according to the English Calendar. Thirumeni’s baptismal name is “Kuriakose”. Though our Thirumeni’s…