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Summary on Barrett Seaman’s’ Article Essay

Barrett Seaman writes an article on how binge drinking has become the new thing among college students. He states that he wonders if it would lower the amount of students that binge drink if the drinking age was lowered or are we approaching this issue the wrong way.

I agree with Seaman about binge drinking among college age students, when I first started drinking I was nineteen years old and drank mostly before going out with friends because we knew we couldn’t get when we were out. It was also largely due to the fact that we knew we were not suppose to. I believe college students binge drink because they thinks it’s fun or makes them look good; not knowing the damage that they are doing to themselves. A lot of my friends that went off to four year university say that their freshman years were the hardest to deal with because of the temptation of drinking and parties on campus, and how easy the access to liquor was on campus.

Some of them wish they had better control of the situation then. Barrett Seaman’s ‘article “Bingeing Became the New College Sport” points out how drinking has been part of college life since the first universities. According to Seaman drinking on campuses has changed drastically between the 1960’s to the 1990’s, college student have switched from drinking beer to hard liquor. Students are no longer just drinking for fun but to the point of hospitalization, maybe Seaman’s right we are approaching this issue the wrong way.

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