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Successful Completion of Developmental Tasks Enables a Person to Make a Smooth Transition to Adulthood Essay

It is believed that, “successful completion of developmental tasks enables a person to make a smooth transition to adulthood.” In order to become a matured, well being adult, one must complete the three main factors of the Family Life Cycle theory. Therefore, throughout this overview, the three developmental tasks outlined in the Family Life Cycle Theory prove this fact.

The Family Life Cycle is destined to be successful, as individuals need to adapt to family changes to ensure family survival. There are known to be eight stages in this theory in which, challenges one in their family’s life to build and gain new skills. However, some of the stages in the cycle are difficult to process. One of stages (stage one to be specific) in the cycle is, beginning family. This stage is stating a married couple with no children. Therefore, the developmental task is establishing a stable home, strengthening the marriage, and preparing for childbirth. Having this stage be part of the cycle smoothens the upcoming child to adult development. It showing that the parent’s are responsible and are making sure they are ready for children.

Families all have strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the childbearing family, which is the third stage of the family cycle, families are coping with their first child in this stage until the child is around two years old. The developmental task in this stage is families contemplating to increase their family size, while providing a healthy and stable atmosphere in their home. Having parent’s envisioning about having another child shows that the child will have a smooth adult development. This is due to fact that they are making sure they are in no rush, and are ensuring themselves they are in a positive environment to raise another child.

Parent’s watching their children grow up tends to become overwhelming. From just being a baby to graduating high school, that is a lot of impact to take in as a parent. They go through empty nest syndrome to retirement in stage seven, once their children go off to university. The developmental task in this concept is, parent’s adjusting and redefining their marriage since their children are now grown up. They prepare for their retirement years as they renew their lives. The developmental task in this stage basically shows the full completion of parent’s children being smoothly developed into adulthood. This stage upholds parent’s being successful parents as their children are grown up, and are on their own. They are able to settle down and retire.

In conclusion, by explaining three separate stages of the Family Life Cycle theory, it proves that without this cycle it is undetermined how smoothly a child’s development to adulthood can be. The developmental task shows that in need to because a well being adult, parents must raise their children by the Family Life Cycle theory.

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