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Subjective well-being Essay

Subjective well-being is based on people experience life satisfaction and emotional experience. SWB reflects a person’s perspective quality of life positive or negative life emotional experience. Some people’s lifespan has more positive life experience and more happy satisfaction memories in their life so they would have a very very high level of SWB (subjective well-being). Now as for a person who has a negative life experienced their SWB level will be extremely low, and they will be unhappy. SWB is a little bit related to our personality traits and our health good health tends to be a positive emotion on a person SWB and mental health or bad health tends to be a negative focus on a person SWB. How is this construct measured? They are measured separately and very independently using a self-report method, questionnaires and another way is informant reports which men the report is collected from the person who participants’ closest friend, family, and preach if they attend church These people are to tell how the participants’ mood, emotions negative or positive for the study which is taken while they are around them .

Would I choose to be hooked up to such a machine? Personally I would not do this to determine my emotions rather they are negative or positive I will not want to be hooked up to a machine. A person feeling of happiness and sadness is part of life and it what we go through to feel the negative feeling which is sad or mad (upset) or if the feeling is positive which is happy and full of joy. Now say you want to achieve a goal into something this kind of determination is a good feeling, but it is eudaimonic it something you achieve in your lifespan it’s a challenge you have to face so you will learn and face thing like satisfaction and some time dissatisfaction which will make you push harder until you achieve that goal. On the other hand hedonic is when you experience happiness from a relationship and have a pleasant pleasure.

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