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Styles Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The role of the government and Individuals’ life styles

The question that lingers in many people’s mind as they tackle public health and other lifestyle related issues is who is responsible for the health of the public. Whether health is an individual matter or the prerogative of the government remains a matter of debate culminating into an ethical dilemma. A clear balance has to be struck between respect for one to make a personal decision and the opportunity for the government to provide its citizen with all forms of protection as stipulated and mandated in the constitution. There is a particular school of thought being held by a section of the public that the government has the absolute right to stipulate and ensure that people live in specific or…

Parenting Styles

The growth of new scholarship in culture and parenting has provided a context for revisiting several abiding theoretical issues. Cross-cultural approaches to parenting have highlighted the fact that parenting involves, “a lifetime of relationships” (Bornstein, 2002). Various studies seeking to distinguish core dimensions of parenting have been reasonably consistent in refining two constructs underlying parental attitudes and behaviors. First, a “care” dimension of parenting has emerged consistently as the principal construct, and a second dimension of “control” or “protection” has usually generated. Just as these two dimensions have been identified as primary elements in parent-child relationships, they have also been defined as elements common to all significant interpersonal relationships (Pierce, 1996). Influence on Child Behavior Parenting style is a factor…

Assessing your own leadership capability

Understand leadership styles within an organisation 1.1 Review the prevailing leadership styles in the organisation There are a range of leadership styles that can be adopted by organisations in order to try to achieve their goals. Each of these is often suited to certain situations and has drawbacks preventing any one style being the best style of leadership for all situations. Even within organisation different styles of leadership can be identified with this being more prominent in larger organisations with a longer chain of command. One “study suggests that differences in the leadership styles practised by managers may be blurred in organisations with short chains of command, while it will tend to be pronounced in organisations with long chains of…