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Studying the English language in an English-Speaking country Essay

Studying a language is a great advantage for our lives. If we can learn language like English, it is better to learn in a country such as Britain, Australia etc., but there are another ways to learn English. Hence, Studying English in a native speaking country is better, but it is not only way to learn English.

In native English speaking countries, they have been organizing their all academic activities in English. Therefore, they have a chance to learn grammatical patterns, habits etc., during their primary, secondary and higher studies. Furthermore, they have experiences, about their societies and culture. When I was doing my masters in Britain, I met lots of British friends and families, then I got valuable experience of handling my English language. Also, they have high slandered language proficiency, than non-English speakers.

On the other hand, around the world, many English language programs are conducting. The higher learning programs are conducted in English, such as foundation , undergraduate and pot graduates. Now days,many countries in the world, conducting their primary and secondary education in English. Hence, there are many other ways to learn English with good slandered. These non-native English speakers, conduct the international recognized exams, which evaluate the English language such as IELTS, TOFEL, and ESOL etc.,

In conclusion, it is important to visit English speaking country, then we could learn English language in a higher standard , but that is not the only way to learn English. If someone need to study English from non-English speaking country, there are many ways to study English such as exams, academic programs etc ( This sentence vague). Then they can improve their language proficiency for their future prospect.

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