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How did the project(krrish) created taking into consideration the Indian diaspora abroad?? We need to recognize right away that Bombay-based Hindi cinema’s output in its entirety does not reach and/or succeed in markets abroad. It is a specific kind of cinema that has, since the mid-1990s, ‘brought the NRI decisively into the center of the picture as a more stable figure of Indian identity than anything that can be found indigenously’. The popularity of films such as DDLJ, kaho na pyaar hai,K3G, etc have increased the popularity of Bollywood films abroad especially amongst NRI’s. The main points that can be concluded to the answer to the above question are- 1. Success of movies like DDLJ, gaining worldwide popularity and hence leading to the globalization of the hindi film industry. 2.NRIs like to watch technology based movies, in which there are lot of action packed performances mixed with a mastered touch of computerized technology that enhances the visual effects and hence the overall feel of the film.

3. Hindi cinema’s historically close ties to modes of imagining the Indian nation, and the diaspora’s emotional ties to India, can be used to reach the hearts of families engaged with NRI/family-centric narratives such as K3G,DDLJ,etc particularly the articulation of cultural citizenship as belonging in the ‘great Indian family’. How did Mr.Rakesh Roshan used two countries competitiveness for the project(India and Singapore)? The following points were kept in mind by Mr. Rakesh Roshan in order to use the relations of both the countries to direct and produce Krrish. 1. Among all the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries, Singapore is India’s largest investments, export and trading partner.

2. The corporate tax of Singapore is one of the lowest in Asia-pacific. 3. India has become Singapore’s 4th biggest tourist destination and more than 650,000 Indians visited Singapore in 2006.This could definitely be used to promote the film there, even in its budding stage. 4. The government of Singapore does create much hassle to give shooting permissions, especially to reputed Indian filmmakers. 5. Singapore was concerned with China-backed communist threats as well as domination from Malaysia and Indonesia and sought a close strategic relationship with India.So because of the old relations and less restrictions imposed on the Indians visiting Singapore,this film could be easily directed as well as marketed there.

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