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Essays: Choose 2 (20pts each)

1. The Glorious Revolution solidified the notion that liberty was a birthright of the Englishman. Explain how the Glorious Revolution contributed to this idea and how it subsequently affected the colonies. Did all of the colonists react to the Glorious Revolution in the same way? If there were differences, what were they? How was the language of liberty used?

2. Explain the impact of the Seven Years’ War on colonial society. Pay particular attention to how the war and its outcome shaped colonial identities as well as to the relationship between colonists and Indians.

3. Compare Indian society with that of the Europeans. What differences were there? Similarities? Be sure to include in your analysis ideas about religion, land, and gender roles, as well as notions of freedom.

4. Explain the impact on colonial life of the religious revival movement known as the Great Awakening. Be sure to discuss its social as well as religious effects. What do you imagine some of the Great Awakening’s “significant political consequences” might have been?

5. During the course of America’s colonization, 3 different nations attempted to claim it as their own: Spain, France & England. Describe their different methods of colonization, their reasons for colonization & effectiveness of each method. Which method was most successful & why?

6. How had the concept of English freedom developed through the centuries before 1700? What had defined freedom, and to whom were liberties granted? How and why had those definitions changed over the centuries? How did the English Civil War help to change those definitions?

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